Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Salted Nut Bars.

I made this recipe for Salted Nut Bars and loved it. The recipe is from Bake Or Break Recipes and the people who made this are geniuses. I plan on making this recipe again.

This recipe is very simple and it took me less then ten minutes to make. But when I made it the marshmallows did not melt, so I had to turn on the heat again to melt them (see tip). But otherwise amazingly easy and tasty. When I first checked on the bars to see it they set up after about three or four hours they were still very soft, after about a day they started to harden and after two days they were perfect.

Another up to this recipe is that it is not dangerous to make; the peanut butter mixture is only slightly hot but not like making candy which is very dangerous and very hot. All in all a great recipe and delicious bar. 

Tip: when adding marshmellows melt them first or turn the heat back on to get them to mix in properly.

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